Monday, January 22, 2018

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Child Safety Initiative


  • 43,300 people – daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends – died on America’s roadways in 2006. That’s an average of over 118 deaths per day each and every day of the year. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – 2006)
  • 4,881 pedestrians died while walking in neighborhoods or crossing streets in 2005. 500 of these deaths were children under 14 years-old. (NHTSA 2005)
  • The death rate on residential streets is over twice that of highways -measured per miles driven (NHTSA – 2005)
  • Speeding Triples the Odds of Crashing (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety - 2006)
  • A pedestrian hit in a 30 mph speed zone is 3 times more likely to die than one hit in a 25 mph zone. (General Estimated Database of Police Reported Accidents – 1999)

The Fairfield Police Department is proud to announce that we are participating in the Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25 campaign.

About Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

Keep kids Alive Drive 25A non-profit organization founded in the summer of 1998, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® is a safety campaign targeting observance of the residential speed limit. In most towns and cities throughout the U.S. the residential speed limit is 25 mph. Thus the slogan, "Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®".

Tom and Wendy Everson began the campaign in their neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. Since that time, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® has been embraced by almost 1000 communities representing 47 states to date.

The mission of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® is to end all deaths and injuries caused by speeding on all roadways. Our target is zero deaths, zero injuries. To do less is to accept and tolerate deaths and injuries to loved ones; daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends.

To accomplish our mission we work to educate and actively engage citizens throughout the United States in a common commitment to create safer streets in neighborhoods, and beyond, for the benefit of all. This includes pedestrians, cyclists, children-at-play, motorists and their passengers. We work with and through neighborhood groups, law enforcement, public health agencies, schools, city/county/state government, public works, businesses, safety organizations, and any and all civic organizations committed to creating safe roadways.

The campaign goal is to unite neighborhoods and communities throughout the U.S. with a consistent message about safe driving. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® reminds each of us to check our speed and slow down as needed. Since we as drivers cause the problem of speeding in residential neighborhoods, and beyond, we must be actively engaged and committed to being the solution as well. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® is a friendly reminder to slow down in a fast-paced world, as well as an invitation to take personal responsibility for our driving behavior. For communities, it is imperative to send the message that, "Speeding will not be tolerated in our town!" Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® works to support this message by educating and engaging drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, residents, parents, schools, businesses, law enforcement, public works, and many others in making safer streets a reality. With the support of the Fairfield Municipal Alliance Committee, the Fairfield Knights of Columbus, and Baskin Robbins the Police Department has purchased lawn signs that will be made available to residents in areas where traffic problems have been identified.

Any individual and/or business wishing to donate to this program or for additional information please contact:

Sergeant Paul Bowden - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sergeant Rich Filipow - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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