Monday, January 22, 2018

Training Unit

The Law Enforcement field is ever evolving. Advances in criminology, forensic science, and technology, along with changes in legislative and case law results in a police officer having to receive continual training in order to be effective and efficient.  Given the broad spectrum of scenarios that a police officer can come in contact with during the performance of their duties, it is essential that the training they receive reflect these scenarios to reduce risk, ensure compliance with the law and most importantly, enhance officer’s safety and deliver the best services possible.

As is the case in all police departments, the training its officers receive is either mandatory or optional. In 2011, the members of the Fairfield Police Department spent approximately 6400 hours in various optional or mandatory training.  It is the responsiblity of the training unit to assure that all officers receive continual training to better serve the public.

Whenever possible, the training unit attempts to complete in service training within the department, using its own officers as instructors. The department is very fortunate to have many officers trained in several diverse areas.

To contact the Training Unit, call (973) 227-1400 or email Lieutenant Pollack at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lieutenant Peter Pollack


Sergeant John McNish

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